President’s Message: "If we can , we must"

Mark Coupal, OAA Executive President

February 17, 2015
2015 and 2016 are bringing many changes and challenges to the ACTT teams of Ontario. With fiscal constraints and various approaches to the ACTT teams by the LHINs, your Association has much to do.  Your executive has changed; it now has the vision, goal, and determination to face these new challenges. The depth of your executive has given light to an approach that should help all.

We now have the motto “If we can , we must” and it has been added to our logo.

Realizing that the current standards for the ACTT teams are a little outdated, we (your OAA) have embarked in revising the standards to meet the current needs. Over the past years we lost our Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) and proceeded without a steering committee. To fill such an important void, your OAA has now constructed a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to help steer the OAA and ACTT teams in general. Communication is key and to that end, the  OAA Communication Committee has accepted the responsibility to promote two-way communications to our OAA ACTT teams. We are looking for feedback and suggestions of where our members would like to go over the next two years.

I ask that you, as a valued member of the OAA,  get involved with your organization by volunteering for positions and posts. Please also partake in upcoming surveys and attend our workshops and conferences.

We, the OAA, realize that to help the ACTT teams across Ontario we have be able to liaise with the various LHINS and the ministry of health itself. To that end, we are working on a team that will assist the government agencies in decision-making and policy-writing by providing evidence about the needs.

Our web site is also a work in progress, the activities and workings of the various committees will be posted in time, so all can see. Your OAA believes in transparency.

The next two years will be exciting for all. Please keep current and ask questions to your OAA.