Learning exchanges: Program Vancouver- F/ACT International Conference Aug/14-16, 2023 and Virtual Training Sessions 2023

Program – Vancouver Conference August 14-16/23

ACTT/FACTT staff, clients/service users, families, students and researchers are welcomed

DISCUSS Evidence-based interventions to support people living with severe mental health and substance use disorders, including those who have frequent interactions with the justice system.

HEAR experts and special guests at plenary and workshop sessions with a special evening for
networking with colleagues

CONNECT With speakers and colleagues at an evening networking event on August 15th

Program is here: Full Program (Long) – ACT & FACT Conference Online (act-bc.ca)

For More Info Contact: BC.ACT.AP@vch.ca

Registration info: https://act-bc.ca/cms-media/2023_Conference_Information_Sheet_96a914a485.pdf?updated_at=2023-06-16T19%3A50%3A13.050Z


2023 National ACT/FACT Virtual Learning – Discipline Specific Meetings Registration

Registration is Open for the ACT/FACT Discipline Specific Meetings!
Coming soon is the 2023 ACT Virtual Learning Program.

Purpose: These meetings provide an opportunity for individual disciplines on ACT teams to discuss their practice and support the provision of ACT services.

These meetings have been brought to you in partnership from the Ontario ACT and FACT Association, and BC ACT Advanced Practice and are free of charge.

Please note that two sessions are available for each discipline for 2023. One session will be held in Spring (April -May), and in one will be held in Autumn (October – November).

Please ensure you register so we can confirm participants.

We welcome any volunteers who would be willing to facilitate the discussion during these sessions.  If you are interested, please contact BC.ACT.AP@vch.ca

Please let us know if you have any additional questions at BC.ACT.AP@vch.ca

Registration is here: https://act-bc.ca/cms-media/National_ACT_Virtual_Program_Discipline_Specific_Meetings_20c82f46db.pdf?updated_at=2023-03-16T21:23:37.841Z