Dr. Hugh Lafave Award

The Dr. Hugh Lefave Award has been given out in honour of Dr. Lafave, an Ontario ACTT Pioneer. Dr. Lafave’s seminal research lead to the development of Ontario’s first ACT Team. The award is ‘given out’ in honour of an individual who through tenancity and selflessness embodies the vision of “Assertive Community Treatment in Ontario”.

Previous Receipients

  • 1999 – Dr. Ian Musgrave and Henry DeSousa
  • 2001 – Brian Davidson
  • 2003 – James Bartleman
  • 2005 – Stuart Goldman
  • 2008 – Bob Wales
  • 2010 – Leonard Wall
  • 2012 – Ruth Woodman

Excerpts of Amy Herskowitz’s acceptance speech:

“They’re the best people you’ll ever meet.”

10 years ago, Jane Cleve handed me a big file folder called ACT and told me I was the new consultant on the Assertive Community Treatment portfolio. She said there was a lot of work to do after updating the program standards for Ontario, but she reassured me by saying, “They’re the best people you’ll ever meet”. She was right.

Dr. Hugh Lafave Award winner 2014, Amy Herskowitz.

It takes a special kind of person to work in ACT: committed, dedicated, creative, compassionate, respectful, full of integrity. One doesn’t join an ACT team for the money or the glory but to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives; people who truly deserve top-notch care.

I see you – innovators and champions who make the model work for your vulnerable clients. I see you,

  • Mt. Sinai ACTT with your multicultural, multi-linguistic team,
  •  ACTT for the Dually Diagnosed, with your Developmental Service Workers and behavioural therapists,
  • Waterloo Regional Homes ACTT, with your Physician’s Assistants on the clinical roster,
  • Brant ACTT, with your agreements with local Aboriginal communities and Band Councils to serve clients on reserve.

I see you for all the passion you put in to your work every day, for which you may not feel appreciated or recognized. I do not feel worthy of this award, but by receiving it – I know you see me too.

Spirit of ACTT Award

The Ontario ACTT Association has created an award to acknowledge one staff member who through their work has embodied the spirit, vision and goals of Assertive Community Treatment. The Award was presented for the first time at the 2012 Integrating ACTT in Conference in Toronto and will be presented bi-annually at the conference thereafter.

Previous Recipients

Awards were given for the 4 geographic regions of Ontario:

  • 2012 GTA Recipient – Tara McIntrye
  • 2012 West of GTA Recipient – Trudy Bretzler
  • 2012 East of GTA Recipient – Gloria Bentley
  • 2012 North of GTA Recipient – Larry Gies
  • 2014 – Vikki Madden and Lisa Matheson