Spirit of ACTT Award Nominations

ACTT III Beyond the Standards

OAA Conference October 26-28, Niagara Falls, Ontario

The Ontario ACTT Association Executive invites you to submit a nomination of one frontline staff member who through their work has embodied the spirit, vision, and goals of Assertive Community Treatment.

The Awards will be presented in Niagara Falls, Ontario on October 28, the last day of the Ontario ACTT Conference. Nomination Submission is open from XXXX – XXXXX and the results will be notified on XXXX.

Application Instructions

Please submit the nomination form, along with a CV or biography in Arial 12 font, and a brief description that answers the two points below. The committee will request any additional information if they feel is needed.
Nominations are sought across the four (4) geographical in Ontario, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Ontario West of GTA including Niagara Area, Ontario East of GTA, and Ontario North of GTA.
Please include the following in your application for the OAA Spirit of ACTT Award:

  1. A clear description of the activity or activities that demonstrates the nominee’s contribution to the goals, vision, and spirit of assertive community treatment.
  2. Please provide examples of how their contribution impacted on service delivery in keeping with the standards and principles of assertive community treatment, with particular reference to its impact on clients.

OAA Spirit of ACTT Award

This award will be presented to one frontline staff member from each of the 4 regions noted above, who is seen as having demonstrated through their ingenuity, advocacy, work, initiative, and ethics, the goals, vision, and spirit of assertive community treatment.

This worker must be part of an ACT team that is an OAA member of good standing and has had a minimum of three years of ACTT devotion.

Please send the completed nomination packages to Mark Coupal, OAA President
Email: mcoupal@hsnsudbury.ca or by fax at 705-669-1505
Please note: Any applications received after the XXXX deadline date will not be considered/reviewed for this year’s awards.

For each of the 4 recipients:
The OAA will provide (1) Conference Registration Fee. It is the expectation that the successful applicant will cover their own travel/accommodations/meals and other related expenses for the conference.


Please also include this form with your email:

About the Nominee
Is the nominee’s ACT team a member of OAA organization? __Yes __No
Has the nominee been notified of the nomination? __Yes __No
If not, please explain _______________________________________________
Number of years employed as an ACTT worker? __________

Name: _________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________
City/Town: ___________________ Prov: ______ Postal Code: _________
Daytime Telephone: ____________________ Ext: __________________
Email: __________________________________________________________
Nominee Signature: ________________________________________________

About the Nominator
Name: __________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________
City/Town: __________________ Prov: ______ Postal Code: _________
Daytime Telephone: ___________________ Ext: _________________
Email: __________________________________________________________
Nominator Signature: ______________________________________________

Forward all Nomination Forms To:
Mark Coupal (mcoupal@hsnsudbury.ca) or by fax at 705-669-1505.