About the OAAF

Our Vision

Ontario Association For ACT and FACT (OAAF) is a voluntary organization of Assertive Community Treatment teams (ACT) and Flexible Assertive Community Teams (FACT) whose purpose is to help identify, develop and advocate for the collective interests of the Teams in the Province of Ontario.

Our Mission

The OAAF works in partnership with its members to promote Best Practices in ACT and FACT services following current research, literature and ACT standards by:

  • Facilitating networking and communication between teams
  • Creating opportunities to share information about “Best Practices” developed within and between teams
  • Providing forums for education
  • Supporting and promoting research

Our Values

  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Advocacy
  • Regional representation
  • Fidelity to the ACT and FACT Models
  • Adherence to the Ontario Human Rights Code and Charter of Rights and Freedom
  • Non-Profit


In 2002 Stuart Goldman from the North York General Hospital ACTT , Brian Davidson from the MOHLTC, Bob Wales (Leader of numerous ACT Teams, former Chair of TAP) and Dr. Ian Musgrave (Former co-chair of ACT Ontario and ACTT physician leader) with the support of the Technical Advisory panel for ACTT, ACT Ontario and the MOHLTC had discussions about  forming an association to assist in the ongoing funding of the bi-annual ACTT conference. Subsequently, Stuart and Louis Renaud (former Team Leader of Monfort ACTT) initiated province-wide discussions pertaining to the creation of an Ontario ACTT Association. During that time both an email communication group was set up and a membership survey undertaken that demonstrated significant interest in the development of an Ontario Association for Assertive Community Treatment Teams. Stuart was the OAA President from 2002-2010 at which time the reins were passed to Mark Coupal who was one of the previous OAA Vice-Presidents.

A survey of Team Leaders found the most important issues for members was to help fund (with seed money), promote and assist in coordinating the bi-annual Provincial ACT Conference, develop a website and provide educational opportunities for members.

We are always looking to find interested and committed people to join the Executive so please consider getting involved!